Are the beads safe?

Yes, all beads are made from food grade, BPA free silicone or untreated wood.


Can't my baby break the necklace?

The jewellery is very robust, there are breakaway clasps on all of the necklaces & pendants which means the necklace will come apart rather than being broken.

Beads are also secured onto the cord.

Please do check your jewellery occasionally as no products are immune  to damage.


How long will my necklace take to arrive?

Items will be dispatched within 48 hours of order and are sent via first class mail (UK). You would normally receive your item 4 days or less after placing your order.


My child has special needs, is it safe for them to play with?

Yes and no. Only bangles and teethers are safe to be handed to babies and children to play with. That being said the necklaces are perfectly safe for youngsters to enjoy whilst being worn by an adult. 

The jewellery make great sensory aids and help to promote hand-eye co-ordination so are absolutely suitable for little ones with special needs.