So what is involved in a bra fitting?…

I get so many women telling me that they have never had a proper fitting before as they are too embarrassed but they don’t fully know what happens.

I know that every fitter has a different style, especially those in large retailers but this is how I do it.

Before meeting you I will ask a few questions:
What is your current bra size?
What is your dress size?
Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?
How far gone are you or how long have you been feeding for?
What problems do you currently face with your bras?

The answers to these questions will help me select a range of products to bring.

I arrive with a suitcase and a small hanging rail at a time that is convenient to you.
We can go into whichever room you feel most comfortable? The fitting takes as long as it needs to so don’t worry if baby needs a feed, the toddler throws a tantrum and the dog needs a wee!

I will ask to see you in your bra. Please don’t apologise for the way it looks or the fact it is now a shade of grey instead of crisp white!

From there I will give you the first bra to try on. I do not use a tape measure it is done by eye.
I will turn away or go into another room, you do not have to show me your boobs, although if you are comfortable showing them then so am I. We all have them and believe me I have seen plenty of them.

It maybe a case of trying on a few before finding your size as all styles fit differently.
I will talk you through what to look for in a bra and why this one fits.

It is then up to you whether you choose to purchase anything or not. If I feel my products aren’t quite right for you I will always try to recommend another product.

Now it doesn’t sound quite so scary anymore does it?

Get yourself booked in.