What is a transitional maternity bra?

Well, it is a bra that can see you through the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks of motherhood.

A lot of women tell me they can’t see the point in these bras and that it is just another cost. That is until they reach the later stages of pregnancy and really just want to be a bit more comfortable. At this stage in pregnancy your body changes all the time and so it is difficult to keep up sometimes.

This is where these bras come into their own. They provide support but are also soft and stretchy so they grow or contract with you.

They are a great addition to any hospital bag and are perfect for wearing to bed to keep your pads in place. They are also great for times where you just want to be comfortable lounging around the house.

Anita Seamless Bra

Even if you don’t plan to breastfeed your breasts will still change in the later stages of pregnancy and then after little one is born. It is wise to wear something like this until your milk has dried up and then getting re-fitted when your size has stabilised.

No one knows what size they are going to be towards the end of pregnancy or when they start their breastfeeding journey and chances are these are the times where you really don’t want to be shopping for bras either. These bras tend to come in a S,M,L which is much easier to navigate without fear of going wrong.

Sleep Bra


If you are nearing the end of pregnancy and your normal bras are becoming uncomfortable why not have a chat with me or book a fitting.

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