Hello and welcome to Maybe & Baby Maternity,

I want to start to talk you through my story and why I began Maybe & Baby Maternity, but firstly what is in a name?!

My name is Chloe Mabey, people miss spell my name ALL the time. When my little boy Fletcher was born his little ankle tag had him named as Baby Mabey. So I am Maybe (note changed to the “proper” way of spelling it!) and Fletcher is Baby, although now he is old enough to tell you he isn’t a baby, he’s a big boy!

On my due date with Fletcher I decided I would try and walk him out and I would go shopping for some nursing bras. I wasn’t sure if I would breastfeed or not but wanted to be prepared just in case.

I did the rounds throughout the town and ended up feeling really deflated as I had not managed to find anything. I have always been really flat chested and nothing really changed during pregnancy. Unfortunately the high street shops buy their nursing lingerie assuming that all women have a massive increase in breast growth but also get a lot bigger under bust too.

I went to some well known shops who are renowned for their lingerie departments only to be faced with stone faced, unhelpful ladies who would show me bras and say “This is the smallest we have, will this do?” I left those shops really upset and already feeling like I had failed at breastfeeding. If I couldn’t get a bra to fit because I didn’t have any boobs how would I breastfeed. I was a hormonal wreck can you tell?!

I was walking back to my car and I had one last shop to try. I had completely given up by this point but I walked into the department and was greeted by a cheery young lady. She listened to me, she took me into a fitting room and made me feel really comfortable. She left me for a few minutes while she went to have a look at what was available and she came back with a bra! It was comfy but incredibly unflattering, it was also really hard to clip the nursing clips back up as they were sitting on my collar bones. I did however buy the bra because it was the only one I found, it was a proper bra with hooks and eyes and it was a nursing bra.

That lady had really made my day, I don’t think she realised that just her kind and friendly persona sold me the bra. She cared about what I wanted. I felt so happy and relieved when I got home that I decided to phone the shops customer services. I don’t normally do this unless I am complaining about something but this day I wanted to let them know what an incredible job this lady had done. A poor bloke answered the phone and was met with me, a sobbing wreck who blubbed about how lovely the lady was to me.

I am a firm believer in excellent customer service goes a long way. I think it is especially important in situations like this where women are a bit confused about what is going on with their body. They don’t necessarily know what size they are or what they are looking for. The lady needs to feel comfortable and confident with whoever is serving her, not made to feel like an inconvenience.

A few months after Fletcher was born I was out having lunch with my mum and discussing my issues with bras and she said I should start making my own. That conversation was two years ago now and I now have an actual bra made to my design! It has been a lot harder than I ever would have imagined but hearing ladies feedback is making it all worth while. In the summer 2018 the first bra will be launched.

Speak soon