I was lucky enough to get help from the Prince’s Trust just before I turned 30 which was the cut off age. I went through their Enterprise Programme and was given a mentor for two years.

David was fantastic with me, very strict and always wanted to know the numbers when I was more interested in running the business from the heart. He helped me along the way and stopped me making some silly mistakes. My mentoring ended in March of this year and it felt like a bit of an end to an era with the Prince’s Trust.

I then got an email a few months later asking if I would like to apply to become a Young (haha!) Ambassador to the Prince’s Trust. I went along to a day of interviews and activities and honestly didn’t think I would get through as I was quiet (as I usually am) and much older than the other guys and girls who were there.

The following week I got a call to say I had got through to the next stage and would be required to go along to a 3 day residential in Bedfordshire. I was so nervous as it was the first time we had left Fletcher for so long, he however was having a blast at my mums house and actually didn’t care that mummy or daddy weren’t there! I was also really worried as I felt so old and out of the loop and wasn’t sure if I would fit in.

I drove to Bedfordshire and arrived at a little church in the back of beyond. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was in the right place or not! Soon everyone started to arrive and we all got chatting. I had the best time while I was there, I was challenged but also so relaxed. I left feeling so energised and excited for the future.

I am now a Young Ambassador and will be for the next year. My role involves networking and spreading the word about the Prince’s Trust and how they can help so many people in different situations.