Home bra fitting

Mobile Bra Fitting

I know that bra shopping can be a stressful experience, add in pregnancy hormones or a child into the mix and it is not a pleasant experience.

I offer a home based fitting to service to those in Leicestershire and surrounding areas. The aim is to make it as relaxing and flexible as possible.

I ask a few questions before hand in order to ensure I bring suitable sizes.

Online Bra Fitting

For those that I can’t get to I can offer video or photo guidance.

By seeing you in your current bra, listening to the problems you are facing and taking a few measurements I can give you a really good idea of where to start and what products might be best for you.


Bra Sourcing

Whilst I do stock a range of lingerie there are always other brands out there.

Being an independent fitter I am not loyal to a brand and will recommend a bra or company that I think will be right for you.

If you want the stress to be taken away from bra shopping then I am here to help.