Hi everyone,

I want to set the scene for my first ever fitting EVER! I happened to be staying with my mum for a few days and we decided to go into her local town to do a  bit of window shopping. At the time I was 28, and 13 weeks pregnant. We headed into a very well known shop with a lingerie department and I mentioned to my mum that I needed to organise a fitting as my bras were becoming a little snug. She said as it was quiet why didn’t I ask if they had any availability.

I was in luck they did. They took some of my details and just as I was about to head into the fitting room the bra fitter said to me that as I was under 14 I would need my mum to come in with me! I was narked immediately as she didn’t think to ask my age, she just assumed I was a young girl (I do look young). She also didn’t listen to me when we were in the cubicle. I questioned the fit as it was still tight despite being on the loosest hook (that was before I knew about bra fitting) and I also said I wasn’t happy about the style and she said I couldn’t wear an underwired bra now that I am pregnant (again before I knew about bra fitting).

I left with these bras that lasted me 2 weeks before I couldn’t get them on any longer. Well that was a waste!

We should never assume anything about our customers/clients, this could easily have lost her some sales. I have to say this and some subsequent fittings have now lost that shop a customer.

Speak soon