Since becoming a bra fitter I now enjoy going for fittings to see what other fitters do in terms of customer services and what fitting method they use. Plus I am a really tricky size so I like to hear their opinions on what bras they think will fit.

It’s not often have child free time so fittings are a rarity now but I was on my own on this particular day and decided to visit a lingerie shop that is in my nearest town. I drive passed it every week but have always failed to actually make it in.

So on this very rainy miserable afternoon I thought I would pay them a visit. I made my entrance, looking like a drowned rat with my coat dripping on the floor. When I spoke to the lady who was stood at the till, I asked if I could have a fitting. She told me to take my coat off. This was in the middle of the shop, where was I meant to put my soaking coat? I ended up plonking it on the floor.

At this point she said because of the weather she didn’t think she would get any other customers that day. Perfect I thought, I would have all of her attention.

The fitter took her tape measure and measured over the top of my jumper. I was still in the middle of the shop too. After she had measured me she told me to go into the fitting room and she would bring me a bra although she didn’t think she had anything that fitted. Why did she not just measure me in the fitting room in the first place? Why did she measure over my jumper? My jumper doesn’t make up the size of my boobs!

She asked me what kind of bra I wanted which was a positive and off she went to fetch one. It was clear it was massive but she said the gaping was completely normal and wouldn’t be noticeable under clothing. Well yes, polo necks maybe but I certainly couldn’t wear low cut tops. She got another bra in the same size to see if that was any different but unfortunately not. There weren’t just slight gaps, I could have kept my purse, phone and keys in this bra!

The lady then went out to get another bra however this was in an even bigger cup size, as if the other ones weren’t bad enough. I was speaking to her thinking she was still there but I got no response. I waited a while before getting dressed. As I walked out of the changing room and she had gone back to the till and was flicking through her magazine again. It was like she was completely oblivious I was there!

Her attitude was awful, no wonder her shop was empty. She didn’t even make the effort to make the most of my fitting. She offered no kind of help like seeing if her suppliers have my size or even asking if I would consider chicken fillets etc which is something they sold.

This bra was the better fitting one of the bunch, I couldn’t show the worst one because it was completely indecent!

Have you ever had a bad fitting experience? I would love to hear from you.