.At the spur of the moment I decided I would go to a little independent lingerie shop in a nearby town. I had heard really good things about them so I was keen to see why.

It was very late in the day and I had half expected them to say that they don’t do my size and to try and get rid of me. Instead, the lady fitted me and was really chatty. She gave me a couple of bras to try. She knew what my problems were with finding bras and she put me in the correct size.

The shop was absolutely buzzing. There were women coming in constantly and this was 30 minutes before the end of the day. She never left me for long but made sure she dealt with everyone.

She explained some of the difficulties I might face when trying to find bras. It was great to hear her honesty even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I tried on another bra which would have looked like a really great fit to the untrained eye but the fitter did explain that she would not be happy to sell it to me. It was really nice to hear. If you looked to the side you could see that the underwire finished before my breast tissue, this resulted in a bulge near my armpit.

I tried on another bra and it fitted really nicely but I would have preferred a bit more oomph. She asked me if I had any objections to chicken fillets which I didn’t, a pair got popped into the bra and hey presto!

Not only did this lady manage to sell me a bra that I never actually went in to buy but I also bought some chicken fillets too! (I now stock these)

The fitter listened to my needs and problems and found a solution for me. I know the solution isn’t perfect but I know that everything she told me was absolutely correct. Due to my size and shape I am going to really struggle to find something in my perfect size.


Speak soon