Hi, I’m Chloe Mabey and the founder of Maybe & Baby Maternity. I am a bra fitter working solely with pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The business idea started when I was pregnant with my little boy Fletcher. During pregnancy, I really struggled to find bras that fit without feeling unattractive. I had the same problem when I went shopping on my due date for nursing bras.

In what is already a hormonal and emotional time I felt that I was already failing at breastfeeding as I couldn’t find a nursing bra small enough to fit me. My baby wasn’t even born yet! I waddled around the shops for hours only to realise I was too small to fit into any of the bras available. The customer service in the lingerie shops/departments was quite frankly awful. I had given up all hope of finding one but there was one last shop left before I got back to the car.

The lady who dealt with me was amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and found me a bra. The bra was hideous and completely unappealing but it did the job.

Fletcher held on for another TWO weeks and it wasn’t for another few months that the seed was sewn about this possible business idea. I was having a rare lunch out with my mum explaining the problems I had been experiencing with my bras and she said “Well why don’t you make your own?” and that was it!

Two years later and my products are still a work in progress with manufacturing to start soon. It feels like the longest pregnancy in history! Loads of excitement, nerves, sheer panic.

I have also re-trained as a bra fitter and now offer a home based fitting service for those based in the East Midlands. I stock a select range of carefully chosen bras that I hope you will love.


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